How it all began...

It all began with the vision of a local athlete wanting to see more family friendly fitness events in Gallup.  In 2011 a small group of like-minded folks got together and formed the non-profit organization called the Gallup Family Fitness Series.  With a simple goal of developing a series of family-oriented events designed to give families a chance to exercise and develop fitness habits in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to all those who have volunteered their time and resources to make these events happen.  You help make Gallup a better place!

One year at a time...

  • 2011 -- 4 events
  • 2012 -- 7 events
  • 2013 -- 9 events
  • 2014 -- 7 events
  • 2015 -- 4 events
  • 2016-- 4 events
  • 2017-- 4 events